A Tricky Bathroom Reno

If you have been following my blog , you will remember I have been working on upgrading my house for a good few years now. You can see some of what we have done on the blog at the home tour section. My last big reno was the master bath. I had an old walk-in shower that leaked to the downstairs and required not only replacement but a complete BR redo. see HERE

After seeing the beauty of the new master, I knew I wanted to start on the other upstairs bath. Because I have such a large shower to begin with, the original builder put a shower- tub in the guest bathroom. I never use that shower but did try to use the bubble tub over the years.

I learned to hate the bubble tub. Most times, when I filled the tub, spiders or dirt/dust would come out into the water even before I turned on the jets. I had to drain the tub and refill if I wanted a bath, and I hated having to do that.
After one scary encounter with a floating spider, I decided never again.

So I use my new shower. If I am staying in a hotel or friends, I make sure to use the bathtub at least once. As I am sure you know, there are times when you want a good soak in a tub; I decided to have the bubble tub removed and replaced with a standard bathtub.

Because they did such a great job on the master bath reno, I decided to use the same company for this project. I also am having the floor fixed. Although designed for a tile floor, we put a vinyl floor in the bathroom for safety reasons.
That resulted in the floor being slightly lower than the threshold, to correct that the builders recommended using a wood-look waterproof vinyl over the top. We did that in the master bath, and I am happy with those results.

My other pet peeve in the guest bathroom is the size. It is tiny; the floor space is only 8 x 5. I had a shower curtain hanging in there, and that made the room look even smaller.

The kids are out of the house now, so I decided I would like to have the bathroom specifically designed for me. I have a great shower in the master. There are a guest-room and shower in the lower level of the house. The shower can easily accommodate anyone wishing to use another shower or a guest is more than welcome to use the main shower. Either way, there are more than enough options for everyone.either for a shower. So this bath is just going to have a tub.

The bathroom is too small for the claw-foot antique tub I wanted, so I improvised by getting a regular tub but having an old fashioned hand shower attachment. I will have the workers remove the old builder’s tile and have two feet of marble paneling surrounding the tub. The tub below is one of the prettiest I have ever seen but that did not fit into the end of the room; far to long. but I was able to have the same hand shower control unit

I just love this tub!

The builders start on MONDAY!!! I am so excited. Today I took the time to clear out the walkway to the guest bath. I needed to move all hallway tables, bench, and the chest on the way to the bath. I also have to remove the soaps, decorations, candles, etc. from the bathroom itself.

I know from the last experience, it will get pretty dusty once demolition begins. The company says they need a week. I hope so because I have guests coming to stay next Wednesday. Why do I also seem to fly against the wind???

Getting to the motor and electrics of my tub will be a challenge. I’ll show you in the next post. I hope they can handle it ok!

I’ll keep you advised. I’d also like to share with you the color scheme in the bath.

Does anyway have a bath with just a tub?? Tell me in the comment section below. If you are interested in this series, please sign up for the newsletter on the contact page. HERE

Talk soon guys.
Take good care

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