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About Pigment 'n' Paper

Hi guys,

I’m Darleen Lansing ( Dara) and welcome to my lifestyle blog called pigmentsnpaper.com.

  I am formerly the website Wood n Whimsey. That website existed to sell the beautiful work of my partner John, a skilled cabinet maker, and carpenter.

John refinished antiques, made furniture, and handcrafted wood boxes and other items for sale.  Hence the name wood, I did a little bit of artwork and looked for vintage items and antiques – hence the whimsey.

Sadly, I lost John in December of 1919.  He was ill for a very short time, and I and his family miss him terribly. We switched back and forth between countries for about twelve wonderful years.

Now I am focused on my Ohio home.  I grew up in upstate New York and in an east coast decor, reflected in the love of older homes; a traditionalist vibe with a bit of elegance.  Traveling in Europe, I recognized a similarity and fused the Euro Countryside decor I grew to love with my personal taste.  

I am a mother of three grown sons and have three beautiful granddaughters.  A bit of a restless soul, I love to move furniture around each change of season and am known for a bit of an eclectic home style that suits me. I love to help others develop their decor sense. I  must have “redone” my little flower gardens a dozen times!

Currently, I am in the continuing process of trying to take a modern midwest condo and convert it into a more east coast euro country cottage. I really don’t think my style has a name- it is my bit of the world that I find comfortable, relaxed, and makes me happy. I love that people are comfortable in my home.

I still dabble in the arts and crafts works and offer my wares in my Etsy shop along with John’s wood boxes, trinkets, and a bit of furniture remain for sale.

I hope you guys will follow along with my philosophy of using what’s on hand when possible, moving a few items, adding something found that is loved; to achieve your happy and comfortable home.

I still paint small pieces of furniture, I enjoy the pebble art I did in Ireland, and have gotten involved in mixed media art and painting.  I would like to grow in that creative endeavor.

I also want to engage with my readers as I attempt a new lifestyle blog.  I want to share my stories of life, travel, and just being, and hope you will feel welcome to share your world and advice too. Hence the new name pigmentnpaper.- a bit of paint and color set on paper and blog.

So please sign up for my blog and feel free to share with me your thoughts and send ideas for topics in the comment sections as I start on this new adventure.

Take good care guys,


What is Pigment 'n' Paper?

Pigment ‘n’ Paper is a collection of artwork, antiques, and fine woodworking from anywhere I can find them. View the shop to purchase products or contact me directly for custom orders. 

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With decorations upstairs and a craft shop in the basement, this studio is where the inspiration comes to life. Want to see more?