About Pigment 'n' Paper

Hi guys,

I’m Darleen Lansing and welcome to a new life blog called pigmentsnpapers.com.

Some of you know me already and knew that this rebranding was coming, but you didn’t know why. So let me explain.  I am formerly the website Wood n Whimsey. That website existed to sell the beautiful work of my partner John, a skilled cabinet maker, and carpenter.

John refinished antiques, made furniture, and handcrafted wood boxes and other items for sale.  Hence the name wood, I did a little bit of artwork and looked for vintage items and antiques – hence the whimsey.

Sadly, I lost John this past December.  He was ill for a very short time, and I and his family miss him terribly. John was an Irishman and I had dual citizenship, so for the past twelve years, we have lived in both Ireland and the USA.  We traveled around Europe and America, and had workshops in both homes.

But now with the present so different, I no longer can operate as I did in the past. I really don’t feel the need to operate a selling business and try to monetize a website. John always had a business and wanted to keep the woodnwhimsey as a business.  To top the loss of John, I was recently diagnosed with a form of rheumatoid arthritis and now need to deal with a new problem.

I do not feel that need or drive to sell and have a money-making business.  I want to change my focus here to art, crafting, photography, and writing as a fun,  social, and healing experience. I still want to share my love of home, garden, wellness, and our travels, but I want to explore new things too. 

Now don’t get me wrong, there are still items to sell.  Lovely handcrafted items John made need to be sold. John must have made fifty exotic wood boxes.  When he found something he liked doing; he kept at it all day. He really enjoyed woodworking. 

But as they say, when they’re gone they’re gone.  I do not have that skill. I still paint small pieces of furniture, I enjoy the pebble art I did in Ireland, and have gotten involved in mix media art and painting.  I would like to grow in that creative endeavor.

I also want to engage with my readers as I attempt a new lifestyle blog.  I want to share my stories of life, travel, and just being and hope you will feel welcome to share your world and advice too. Hence the new name pigmentsnpapers.

So sign up for my blog and feel free to share with me your thoughts and send ideas for topics in the comment sections as I start on this new adventure.

Take good care guys,


What is Pigment 'n' Paper?

Pigment ‘n’ Paper is a collection of artwork, antiques, and fine woodworking from anywhere I can find them. View the shop to purchase products or contact me directly for custom orders. 

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