Clean Out of Old Treadles Machine Parts N Pieces

Remember I told you guys I was planning some changes for the new year? I’m sorry to be so cryptic here but I am planning on a new website and name and a different focus in the future, and am stuck into the middle of getting a new workshop ready.

As part of that process, I am having a clear-out of the old workshop and storage units. We made lots of furniture using antique treadle sewing machines and had a lot of parts n pieces unused. I would like to focus on other items in our new shop and would like to offer these items to others .

I am having a huge cleanout in the workshop. We made a bunch of furniture from antique treadle sewing machines. We saved quite a lot of items we did not use. So I have three treadles, wheels, other metal pieces. Some drawers a couple of drawer frames. A box of various wood pieces from the machines, All available for the asking!!!!

Vintage machine heads for decor
wheels n treadles
Box old wood sections from the machines cabinets
old wood drawers

I have three antique machines we put on wood bases. I thought someone in the sewing or craft industry would like them as vintage decor in their workshop of business. Please make an offer on these three


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Hope to see you guys soon. Thank you so much for your patience…just please hang in there with me.

Take good care


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