Dog Sitting my Grand-Dog

My son and his family have been vacationing in South Carolina- an area about an hour north of Myrtle Beach somewhere around Cherry Grove.  Every time they go on vacation, I have watched their dog, Indiana.  

My boys grew up with pets.  I wasn’t allowed to have a pet growing up, so as soon as I got my own home, I got dogs, and a few stray cats came to live with us too.  My late husband had a Yorkie, but I had Labs. Labrador retrievers are a great dog and probably one of America’s favorite breeds.

We boarded our dogs when we went on vacation and then had to deal with the aftermath.  If you have done this, you’ll be familiar with the problems associated with boarding. First of all l the price, expensive as … Next, the poor dog is not in the best of shape.  I have had dogs come home with major flea infestations; even in the best of kennels.  

I have heard of dogs getting sick, hurt, and generally abysmal kennel experiences. Luckily, I have had any.

To save himself the exorbitant fees and to avoid the flea baths and potential problems.  I have always watched my son’s dog.

My last lab had to be put down after John and began traveling back and forth to Ireland.  My kids watched her when I went to Ireland, so this is a turn about fair play thing. My dog lived to 13 years- good for a large breed but she developed cancer and we just had to face quality of life issues with her.  I will not get another dog now. Raveling like I do is unfair on a pet. So my visits with Indy give me a little pet experience for a short time.

As I said, I had a bunch of dogs and some shed, but I have NEVER met a dog that sheds like this one.  I have a few picks to share with you. I took these photos this morning. You should know I cleaned the house thoroughly three days ago. HAHA. I will clean this area again after she leaves today. Smile

I know my son’s wife spends a good deal of time cleaning the house and I have never seen dog hair on her furniture or floors so she must clean better or more frequently than I do!

Thanks for visiting.  Feel free to share your granddog stories

Take good care

Have you a dog shedding problem in your home?  How do you handle it?


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