Egg Salad for Lunch

Today I wanted to share with you a simple egg salad that can be adjusted for varying tastes and likes. I also wanted to share an easy peel method for hardbowl eggs.

I made a short couple of videos and took some pix for this post. I’ll share them on Facebook and Instagram. sorry I can’t seem to get the videos uploaded into the post.

Pre-Mix Prep

If you want easy-peel hardboiled eggs; boil your eggs for 7 to 10 minutes. After they have boiled, drain off the water and fill the pan with cold tap water and a couple of handfuls of ice cubes. Let the eggs sit for a good few minutes then drain. Let me say, the fresher the eggs the better. I try to buy my eggs from a local farm.

After a few minutes, take the egg and gently tap it against the counter surface till it is pretty much broken all over, and then start to peel the shell off. It should come off in easy sheets without damaging the egg.

Now for the salad.

Ingredients to Mix

As a constant base, I dice red onion, scallions, or shallots. Dice a couple stalks celery. Put them all in the bowl and add cut up egg.

Then I add tablespoons mayonnaise and a good dollop of whole grain mustard: brown stadium mustard, Dijon mustard, or even good old yellow mustard- all depends on your taste.

I also add salt, ground black pepper and paprika for a bit of zing. Sometimes a bit of lemon juice if I have it.

Add Ins

Now the fun begins- it’s all in how you feel that day and for what you have a taste bud.

Some people add avocado, salsa, tuna fish, chopped carrots, olives green, or black. Add various fruits & veggies: broccoli, grapes, cabbage, green or red peppers, etc. Hot pepper flakes or even chopped hot pepper, pickles are common or pickle relish. I could have done that today, I had some in the frig, but I forgot.

I’ve heard of people putting in Worcestershire sauce, white wine, capers, tumeric, and classic spices such as oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme. Maybe add shrimp or make it a Waldorf with apples and grapes. You can add nuts too……Again- all that your little heart desire.

I like to eat it spread on a slice of bread or as a filling in a leaf of butter lettuce. You can eat it as is, in a sandwich roll, naan bread, topping for a salad with salad dressing. In Ireland, we called it egg mayo roll- a mild egg salad with chopped onion, eggs, lemon juice, and mayo, served on a long baguette like roll with coleslaw and, or tomato slices on the top. Fantastic!!

How for my own weird idiosyncrasy!

There are certain foods that have always set me off- not good. They make me nauseous or just go against the grain. For instance, I love liver & onions but hate the smell of it cooking. A pork roast cooking makes me nauseous, because of an incident while I was pregnant- haha. Strangely, after eating it and enjoying the taste of the egg; the smell of eggs ON THE PLATE or Silverware also makes me cringe. I have to soak the plate and fork in a strong-smelling soap before I can put in it the dishwasher–I know, very weird.

Well guy, that was my lunch. Hope you had a nice lunch today too!

Thanks for the visit…talk soon.

Take good care


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