Ever Wonder if You’re Going Crazy?

This post will be a bit unusual compared to the regular posts I write. But, I wanted to share this past week’s odd moments with you.

As you know, I live in a country suburb in Ohio. Right now we have a condo in a small homeowners association. Having the maintenance outsourced makes traveling back and forth to Ireland much easier.

The area itself was once farmland. there are trees and sections of undeveloped property all around us. It is not unusual to see deer, hawks, raccoons, skunks, and songbirds on a regular basis.

Backgrounds see deer, raccoon, coyotes at times

Anyway, for the past week, I have been hearing a strange call. I was thinking it was a small animal or maybe a bird. A sharp three sounded call intermittently throughout the day. I even hear at dusk. Maybe a coyote, I think.

After a day of trying to chase it by going to all sides of the house to listen, I pretty much decided it was coming from the front of the house; not the back by the bird feeder.

Thursday, I sat at the computer in the front office and heard it. I ran outside the front and looked up into all the trees around the fronts of the condos. I walked up and down the road looking for strange birds on the rooftops and still did not find it.

Yesterday, I was in the front office, working on the blog and heard it again but I swear it sounded like was coming from the downstairs area. Now I have a walkout lower level with a family room, kitchen, bedroom, and bath. John’s workshop is also downstairs. It opens up onto the lower patio and grounds beyond.

So perhaps it is an animal I thought. I decided to sit downstairs with a book and wait for the sounds to repeat. I had already opened the windows in the family and bedrooms. The humidity was much lower than the past week and the lower level needed a good airing.

See the couch on the left – I sat here and read

I sat there reading for a good hour. I was just about to give up when I heard the call! I jumped up in the middle of the three-section call to hear “battery low”, “battery low”.

Turns out my wild animal was the lady in the landline handset calling out battery low three times willy-nilly throughout the day!!

See the handset on the table top?

I really spent an entire week trying to find that animal…..think I may be losing it in my old age…ha ha

Just wanted to share a funny.

Thanks for listening..have you ever…????

Take good care. talk soon


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