Help Clean my Cephalon Pan

I have a plethora of pots and pans I have tried over the years. When I outgrow, usually find them too big, I pass them on to my kids. Even so, I still have a bunch.

One of my favorites has always been Cephalon pans. I have a mix of ceramic, cast iron, ceramic coated iron, and Cephalons.

Today I am hoping someone reading this post can help me with a problem. A cleaning problem I think.

The pan in question is my large saucepan. I used it the other day to make homemade popcorn. I am trying to lose weight and control my sodium intake; so iI thought homemade would be better.

Anyway, I put flaxseed oil in the pan and heated it up on my gas range. I thought flaxseed oil could tolerate a higher heat than say, olive oil. I was out of vegetable oil. It did get pretty hot and I added the corn kernels. Usually I turn the heat down to a low medium and wait for it to pop- but I forgot to turn it down. I went to bet some butter out of the frig and had to root around for it. In the meantime the oil must have got too hot and it started cooking the popcorn before I was ready.

I quickly turned the heat down, but I fear it was too late. After I put the popcorn in the bowl and put on a little butter and seasoning, I noticed it tasted a bit strange. I ended up dumping the entire bowl.

After the pan cooled and I went to clean it I noticed these dark brown speckles and spots on the inside of the pan. I decided to fill it with hot soapy water and come back to it.

Actually, I let it soak overnight and this morning I tried to clean it out. I used the recommended Barkeeper’s friend but I still have spotted remnants. I believe these stains are spatterings of hot grease that stuck on the pan. I even tried a bit of steel wool and they remain.

This is one of my favorite pans and I am upset with the stains. Does anyone have ideas on how I can clean this pan? I really would appreciate your assistance! Please leave me your suggestions in the comment section.


Take good care, friends


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