How Gold Leaf Paint gave Me an Insight into using Tough Coat Finish

While going over my email inbox this morning, I found an article that hit close to home. A new blog I found titled Tracey’s Fancy pictured an antique wood cabinet she made over. I recently found this website when I was thumbing through Instagram. The design on the front was very sharp- an art deco look that I love.  

Anyway, as I continued to read her blog. She demonstrated how she painted the front panels in the cabinet with an array of Dixie Bell Paints blues. However, she also displayed a dramatic effect in the interior of the cabinet using gold leaf paint.

Now, if you know me well enough, you know that the gold paint then triggered in my mind in the following manner:

” you know that plant stand I painted blue plant stand last year. You know the one with the blond wood top. Well, I put a few floral transfers on it to brighten it up a bit. Then I applied Fusion’s Touch Coat…. you see how I jumped to Fusion-? A product line not found in this woman’s post in any way shape or form?

 I continued, I could use gold leaf paint to paint the top and cover up the horrible brush stoke lines in the Touch Coat” tada! 

You see how I made that utterly unrelated leap?? I do that a lot.

I looked on Google for a video about Fusion touch coat and found one from April 18, 2018, which I had NEVER seen before. I wish I had. See link below.

Over the past year or so, I have watched a significant number of posts using Fusion paints and products. I used Fusion paint on projects without any difficulty. I like it for those times when I do not desire a flat chalk paint-like look.

Now, back to the plant stand. The YouTube piece recommends use on a light painted surface. She discourages use on dark wood or dark paint because it has a tendency to dry foggy. I have had that issue in the past. She also recommends application with a dense car sponge- not a brush. An AHA moment!!. I have a significant amount of brush marks on my little table. That was why I added the flower decals.

I usually paint or spray poly on my furniture, and I typically do not have issues with brush marks. I had put Tough Coat on the table because I thought it might be used as a plant stand, and I wanted a durable touch finish that could stand up to moisture.

I will keep this new found expert information in my memory for next time.

Now I need to decide if I want to paint the top of the table with gold-leaf or to decoupage.

What do you think might look the best.???? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Please a comment below of join up to the newsletter.

Thank you- Have a great week and take care.


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