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Price: $110.00


Solid maple table with wine rack handcrafted onto antique treadle sewing machine base. Treadle wheel and foot peddle still workable- original caster wheels on the base. We retained the natural color—the unstained maple with gorgeous buttery color protected by multiple poly coats. Then hand rubbed to a smooth as glass finish. I have staged it here as a kitchen island, but it makes a great decor table also.

Please note it also has the wine rack attached.  In the kitchen, you could place bottles of condiments—oil n vinegar, etc.  

You could also remove the wine rack and use this as a lamp table in the living room.

Measurement: 32 tall x 31 wide x 17 deep.  

Price: $112.00


Solid hard maple table with wine rack and two side drawers set into antique cast iron treadle sewing machine base.

The treadle and wheel are fully moveable, making it a unique feature.

The wood is hard maple from an Amish Mill in its natural state- unstained but finished in poly.   I then added a French decal which translates to ” to drink wine is life”

We then hand waxed multiple applications to achieve a smooth as glass durable finish.

A decorate and functional asset to your home

Measures: 32 tall x 31 wide x 17 deep

sewing table

Price: $125.00


The Blue Lady- a side table with a two drawer top rack and a larger central drawer fitted onto a solid wood table. 

The table has been fitted into a refinished antique treadle sewing cast iron base. The wheel and treadle are functional, making a unique feature.

The table has been painted in a pale french blue milk paint mixed with a faint silver glaze.  This gives a kind of glow to the paint.  I applied coats of poly…waited months for the poly to harden and then applied coats of black and antique waxes.  Again waited to fully cure and then applied a clear wax finish and buffed to a nice glow.  This technique makes for a very pretty finish which must be seen.

The top drawers measure 9x 5 inches.  The center drawer 18 in across and 13 deep. Fitted with crystal knobs.

The table itself: 34 tall  x24 deep x 16 wide

This pretty table makes a great little desk or a fantastic entry table.  The two drawers can hold a multitude of items, keys,  and the central drawer is an added storage area for papers, dog leash, gloves,