Merry Christmas..The Last Blog

Well, how exhausted are you guys? I am not hosting the family this year. My son has taken on that task so one big job I do not have to deal with this year.

Want to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah
and Happy Holidays

I have all my shopping done; ordered at least. I used the internet for most of my shopping this year. One main reason was I could not find what I wanted in the brick and mortars. But I was able to go out and get most of what I needed so I hope everyone has a great holiday. I am looking forward to the excitement of the grandkids!!

This past year has been extremely busy and life-altering for me. So I am taking this holiday time to recharge and reflect.

I am sure there will be major changes in the blog and website and I will keep you informed. Enjoy your holidays and stay tuned to our page on Facebook and our website for more info

Take good care. Blessings


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