My Best Garden Tools for Weeding

I am supposed to be outside weeding the next section of my back garden today, but it is raining, so I thought I’d talk to you about some of the tools I use in the garden to weed.

I am very short in stature, only 5ft 2in, and I cannot handle the long-handled tools efficiently when I have to get into the dirt. I find I can get much better leverage when I am closer to the ground and the working end of the tool.

Luckily I found short-handled tools. So now I have a short handle spade, a shovel, and a straight garden fork. I still have a long handle hoe, and will look for a short handle once I return to shopping at stores. I also have a hand hoe, tell you about that later in the post.

Last week I received my favorite rose bush in the mail. It’s an older rose called Mr. Lincoln. It is tall for a hybrid tea and has a magnificent fragrance and color. I dug the holes for two bare roots rose bushes, and I did a much better job using the short handle tool.


Of the two garden digging tools, the main difference is in the shape of the business end called the blade; the other part is the handle or the shaft.

The shovel has a broad curved blade with a rounded or pointed tip.

A spade, usually a bit smaller than the shovel has a straight flat metal blade.

I was incorrect in my thinking on this for years because I thought a spade was a spade- ie, the playing cards. But I found the shape on the cards is not a spade…..makes you wonder about someone’s sanity.

The shovel usually has a long handle, which allows for more leverage when digging deep holes while a spade is used mainly in tight smaller spaces like flower beds.

The spade (foreground) is generally straighter than the shovel (background)

Because I am short, I find I can’t handle long handles shove at all anymore and have found one with a short shaft, which allows me to dig holes for my plants. To be neat and expand the hole, I might use the short handles flat edge.

While looking up information for the tools, I found a website ad for something called the “Her shovel”. SEE HERE. I agree with the information and how it applies to the female body. They have three sizes even a small for women 5’2″ or shorter up to a lady 5’7!! The tool itself is quite light, weighing only about 4.5 lb. and has a 10yr warrantee. I definitely will think about added this to my collection sometime soon.



I did buy a short-handled garden fork to turn the soil, and I do have a hoe for weeding using the chop method. I find I no longer use the hoe because I gave up my veggie garden and no longer have plants in rows. That chopping weeding method works in cleaning up long rows.

I now find I use hand- tools mainly for weeding in the flower beds. See Here for a group of some of the hand tools available.

I have a very short rake, a kids toy actually to get around the plants. It does a great job of cleaning out around the plant base without damaging the plant or foliage. I also have a long handled metal leaf rake.

I will likely buy an edge digger, the small square-ended blade, but I’ll use it as a scrapper to “cut” the weeds in my patio until I can hire someone to repair it. I did see that Amazon has a hand tool which will work .SEE


Hori -Hori

Mainly because of the type of weed in my flowerbeds: dandelions, thistle, and popcress, I would rather dig up the beasties than chop them up.

You really cannot get the long taproots on some of these nasties by pulling.

I found some great handtools which help me get to the root of the problem..Sorry could not resist the pun!

The primary tool I use is a Hori – Hori knife. A Japanese instrument that is probably the most used handtool in today’s garden. It is a 7 in long pointed steel pointed blade with a serrated edge on one side and a sharp on the other.  

Its long and narrow shape makes it perfect both for loosening soil for transplants and for dislodging soil from root crops when they’re ready for harvest. Its point can be dragged across the ground to make seed troughs. Its smooth edge can slice through small weeds, stems, twine, and bags of fertilizer. Its serrated edge is suitable for tougher jobs, like cutting through roots and small branches. And the blade has titled depth measurement to help in bulb planting.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Japanese Digging Knife – Using A Hori – Hori Knife For Gardening 


Leache Knife is another similar but heavier garden knife I use.


Hand cultivators are pick- like hand tools with a big flat blade on one side and a smaller edge on the other or a two or three-prong rake like on the end. I use to hand chop weeds and to dig small holes


 I usually bend over to weed but find that sometimes I get dizzy due to medications, and I can also get a backache. So I have this nifty bench that enables me to sit to trim a bush and shape or pt turn it upside down and kneel on the seat, so to speak. It is padded, so it doesn’t hurt my knees, but if you need more padding, you can buy a rubber foam pad to place on the seat.

Well, guys, those are the best garden tools for weeding in my house. I lost the carry all that came with the kneeler a long time ago, so I carry them around in a white bucket and then put all the weed in the bucket to dump. I do so hate weeding, and Spring is the worse time. for weeds. Hopefully, the rain will go, and I can get back at it again tomorrow.

Once I clear the weeds, I’ll try to get Sweet Peat mulch to put on the garden. It is a fine almost loam like organic add on for the soil. It helps enrich the garden. I am not happy with the bark mulches, but the condo association uses it and they will put a layer over the sweet peat.

How is your weeding going? Any recommendations much appreciated.. Leave a comment below, please!

Take care


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