Exotic Wavy Paduk Wood Keepsake Box



For Sale- One of our Exotic Wood Boxes in Premium Box Collection by JC. The box shown is handcrafted by an experienced furniture and cabinet maker and is made from Paduk wood. an exotic hardwood also is known as African hardwood. We buy this exotic wood from our out of town supplier and it is costly. Prized for its rich, crimson color and excellent durability, Padauk is an excellent hardwood for cabinetry and fine furniture. Reddish orange when freshly cut, it matures over time to a bright red with darker red and purple streaks. Very unusual, you won’t see this wood in any old shop. The box is lined with fine grade felt and a handmade wood organizer This box measures 4 in tall by 8 1/2 wide by 5 1/2 deep