Small Black Walnut Jewelry Box



Handcrafted Walnut Trinket Box Make great little storage boxes for earring and rings on your bedside table or another great idea is for your earpods.!! Each handmade and so measurements are slightly different but average measurements are 3 3/4 inch long by 2.5 in wide and 1 3/4 deep. Handcrafted from of Ohio Black Walnut and Asian Walnut with a fitted lift lid. These boxes are made with Black Walnut are gorgeous with straight grains and whirl like movement. The Malaysian walnut has more gold in the coloration. All have cut and mitered joints. All are hand sanded and lacquered 4 to 6 time to ensure a rich smooth finish. The inside lids and edges are hand waxed and the inside lined with a green felt pad to protect your trinkets. SHIPPING AND PACKAGING EXTRA