Sorrel and Gray | New Fall Colors

I was reading blogs on my iPad this morning and noticed a call out on new colors for Fall, black and brown, tans and grays.  I found the combination attractive; especially the tan and gray combination.

Before bed last night, I was reading a historical fiction mystery: a very light series set in late 1800 in Great Britain.  I enjoy the Downton Abby like period descriptions. Lady Darby is the main and series title. The reading is very light and a bit of mindless entertainment to entice sleep to a chronic insomniac. 

In the book, an outfit was described as sorrel and gray.  I like the term but am only familiar to the word sorrel as a description of a type of red chestnut horse.  But the color it invokes has always been a favorite of mine of that deep red-brown. I have a chestnut handbag I love. And I have used that color in a lot of the stain and paint combinations in the shop.

I wear a lot of black and white this summer and I also have a   to carry that on through into winter adding a dash of blue red as a brightener and for the upcoming holiday seasons.

I would like to show you how you can use these combinations found in nature can work in your home and your wardrobe.



The term sorrel is really a horse term that refers to a very specific genetic trait in a horse.  Brown horses include chestnuts, bay, brown, roan, and sorrel. I like the sound of the word and when I invite the color I am thinking a burst sienna.

brown horse in track

Color Charts

Paint and Stain furniture

Our favorite paint furniture techniques have always been to try and keep a nature feature/color for the good in a piece of furniture and to complement with a great paint color.  Here are some great gray and stain combos.


And finally the inspiration for this post: 2019-2020 Fashion Colors. Pantone and others are showing very different colors this season with a heavy focus on reds. The best combinations for those primary hot colors are grays, coffee, sorrel, and black.  I am looking forward to updating my wardrobe this season for use.

Funny how reading an 1800 historical mystery brought me down this path.  Oh well, I am well known for my tangents!!!HAHA.

Would you wear these colors??? Leave me a note in the comments section.

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