Spring Fever???

Hope this finds you all well and happy. I must apologize to you for not being in contact for so long. Sadly, it’s been a hell of a couple of years for me. First John die, and then I got sepsis and near died, and at the end of 2021, I got Covid. I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready for a change. My last post was in August of 2021 in which I discussed rose cuttings. So it seems rather appropriate that I should start my return to the blog with floral ideations.

Firstly, I think perhaps I should catch you up a bit from my last postings. I returned to the land of the living a couple of weeks ago and decided to regroup and reorganize my business a bit. I reorganized the Etsy page and decided to return to the blog. I have been on Instagram all along. I am not too sure what to do about the Facebook page. Going to have a think about that.

My past few blogs last summer concerning gardening, SEE posts, and POST. My final project of the year was the installation of new thermal replacement windows in the back sunroom. The original windows were a disaster. You can read about the problems I had in the new sunroom HERE.

Replacement Window Followup

Below is a photo of the sunroom this winter with the new windows in place. I decided to change from crank out to sash windows and am very please with the results. These new windows are fabricated at a local Amish builder company; not Pella of another well know window manufacturer. Price was a major factor in that decision, but of equal weight in the decision process was the recommendation of my local hardware and building contractor.

The windows are pleasant to the eye both inside and out, easy to use, crank open to the inside for easy cleaning, and much more thermal efficient than the prior set. Today, it is 19 degrees outside. I have no heat on in the sunroom and I only needed a heavy sweater to sit in the sun for a while. It may be January, but I have an early case of Spring Fever. I would not sit out here if it was windy and colder or if there was no sun to warm it. I could turn on the heater. I did that for all of November and December and was happy to sit out and read in my favorite chair as I recuperated.

The Sunporch Winter 2022
The New Windows where I sit and read and watch the birds
Winter in Ohio- New Windows

I noticed while I was out there taking the pix, the temp in the room is 50 degrees, again with no heat and no sun. It is 20 degrees outside right now, so I am very happy with these windows. We have not had much of a winter here until now. November and December temperatures were mostly in the 30s & a few 40s. I spent a lot of timeout out here then. Hopefully, those temps will return in a couple of weeks. 58 days till Spring!!!

Over the past weekend, we got 12 inches of snow. It was blowing around and drifting. Here are a couple of pics of the back deck and a great almost 4 ft sculpture on the back deck table from snow blowing off the roof.

Back deck snow near to my waist
Nature Made Snow Sculpture

Spring Fever

I started out on this post thinking of Spring and Spring Fever. Today I ordered some snowdrops from Breck Catalog and put my name on the list for a dwarf Camilla from Wilson Bro. If I get those snowdrops anytime soon, I’ll plant some and see if they do come up in spring. The others, I will save until spring and plant outside. I have heard that if I force them inside, they will not rebloom outdoors.

Snowdrop flower

Looking online I found hardy Camillas that will grow in my 6a zone. I also found dwarf 3 x 3 ft bushes. Camillas like the morning sun, acidic organic soil and I have just the spot for it. and ordered it from

Camillas is a dark green-leafed evergreen. They can either be a bush or a tree. We had both in the garden. A common flower in southern Ireland as they normally grow in a warmer climate than my local 6A grow zone. The dark green leaves are gorgeous themselves. Shiny deep green that lasts all year. The plant flowers in Spring and has a long flowering season.

I found Wilson Bro. in Georgia has a hardy dwarf Camilla called Winter Rose- I put in an order. Hopefully, they will be available this Spring. Meanwhile, I think I’ll order some cut flowers from the florist to keep my Spring Fever in check- LOL

Time to et the Garden Journal out!

About the companies, I used to order my stuff. I am giving my own personal opinions here. I am being honest and forthright. I receive nothing from these companies for endorsement or compensation. I have ordered from Breck in the past. This is my first time ordering from the Wilson Brothers. The windows I ordered from Hartville Hardware in Hartville, Ohio. For you locals, if you are interested in the windows the company that supplies them for Hartville is Pro Via.

Happy to be back with you. Hope you all find us again and we hear from you soon.

See you soon


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