Unfinished Business- How to Organize Projects for Later

I am getting ready to pack up and leave Ohio for the winter. I had so many projects I wanted to get done this summer, but between the unbearable hot weather and unanticipated health issues; many did not get done.

I was able to keep up with the web designers as we continue to work on the website and online webstore; this has been a massive learning experience for me, and I struggle daily to learn the techniques required. Organizing has never been one of my best skills, and that lack of ability has plagued me in this new endeavor. I still have not figured how to organize my Google account for myself and the business! But we plod on. I hope to do a little better at organizing, and so I want to plan ahead for the completion of these projects as soon as we return in the Spring.

As I said, I had hoped to get a few more furniture and craft projects completed to add to the online store, but I still have unfinished business. So I will try to get things together for our return so we can jump right into it. 


My first project is a redo of my redo. Ever have a project you just didn’t quite love when it was done? Me too. Earlier in the year, I had applied Redesign- Prima furniture decals  See website in a floral pattern onto a tall table/plant stand I had painted. I put the item in the online store and on Facebook Marketplace and got no taker. Recently I noticed an increased interest in the old fashioned technique of decoupage. I did this technique years ago using glue, varnish, and steel wool.

 I recently found a new tutorial on using tissue paper and napkins with decoupage medium, and it looks interesting. I ordered the materials required weeks ago, but have not yet received them. So I plan to put the Fusion decoupage medium, the napkins, and the finishing spray in the downstairs back workroom. This will be one of the first projects on my return, and I will have everything organized and ready to go.

If you are interested in this project, here is a link to the materials needed. Here is a video. Here is a table with napkins and distressed edges on Pinterest

The Stool Paint Project

The next project that remains undone is the painted stool. I follow a blogger named Linda, who has a site called q for quandie.  She recently found an IKEA step stool ladder on Craig’s list or something like that, and she painted it. I loved the stripe pattern she used and wanted to copy it, but I didn’t want to spend the money on a new Ikea stool. See IKEA Stool

Now I know the stool only costs about $20 but by the time you order, pay taxes and shipping it adds up. I want to sell this; so then add the cost of paints, decals, and labor, and we are now in the upper range of saleability.

I found one at a sale at Michael’s Crafts and found another on Amazon.   I had difficulty sourcing the paint locally. I wanted the colors I saw on Linda’s site and could not quite find those colors in the Paints near me. I usually buy milk paints and latex paints. I also use a few different chalk paint. I do not like to use the dry compound milk paints and always buy the pre-mixed type.

Linda used Fusion Mineral paints in two colors, and I really wanted to duplicate those colors. I have not used this brand, and I also wanted to try it. I ordered the Limestone at one place and had a tough time finding the Buttermilk. I finally did find a supplier wit that color but am still waiting on delivery.

Seeing a pattern here? I am. I apparently get an idea from someone online…think on it a bit…then want to go complete the project BUT have not thought ahead to get the supplies first, so my project remains unfinished. The leading organizational skill I must acquire, and I highly recommend is to get all the supplies together first…as soon as you know you want to do whatever.  

I did not realize that these paints were an older colorgroup and might be difficult to obtain and so I wait. As soon as I get the paint, I will place ALL the required supplies in a nook just for this project to be completed in the Spring.

Decal Tray

The last project I have is to put decals on my wood tray.  I do have some neat Redesign by Prima decals but I am unsure if they will stick to the plastic bottom of the tray and also unsure just how to seal it.  My head is now on getting ready to go in a few weeks, so I am not so gung-ho on working in the studio right now. I will make this my perfect number three for my return.

Another thing I have learned and suggest to you is to obtain lists of local and outside your area suppliers. Fusion Paints have a list of local suppliers, but I am having a problem getting my ordered materials from one of them.  

I have now learned to keep a file of those who provided fast service and keep returning to them even if they might not be local.

Now if any of you have suggestions on organization skills: I would love to hear how you organize yourself for a project. Do you have any unfinished projects in the works now???

Thanks for visiting. Talk soon with more on the trip to Ireland.

Take good care


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