What a Difference a Rug Makes

I have been in the process of upgrading or redoing my living room for a couple of years now. It’s probably a good thing I have taken my time as I find my tastes change over time, and I do need to keep control of my finances. I usually put aside the monies for a smaller project and proceed when I can. I wanted to put a new rug in this room for some time now. Truth be told, I was unsure about what type of rug I wanted. Still unsure about my final choice but will wait and see.

My original rug I got from Lowes home store section. It was the largest rug they had, { 9nx 10}, and it had dark green and navy: my colors when we first moved into the house. The rug was the fashion of the time, kind of an oriental, victorian looking carpet. I have three more, which I plan to continue using. I like a Victorian with dashes of modern/traditional elements in my decor.

After repainting and new furniture additions, I knew I wanted a different rug. I painted the walls an icy gray and ordered a new gold beige couch. The fireplace surround is still green and blue. I thought about painting it white. I placed white French chairs and a display table at one end of the room. My plan is to put a large white bookcase on the wall at the other end of the room. so far the fireplace remains the same.

Due to a new furniture layout, I needed a larger rug, and I was added blue into the beige and green color scheme of the house.

The club chairs did not fit on the rug and marred finish when moved

After the painting and furniture additions, you can see here I needed to change the color to bring out the gray and blue.

I had this carpet for 20years but I wanted to update to gray n blue

The two club chairs sat on the hardwood floor, and if people dragged then in closer to talk or pushed out to watch television, the padded metal bars on the bottom marred the finish on the wood floors. Again, the larger size rug would address that problem.

My wood floors in the main living space are solid oak planks, nailed into beams placed by the Amish builder who originally built the house. At first, we just stained and lightly finished the floors, but the colors faded, and they required a new finish every couple of years in the dining and kitchen areas.

I had a floor guy come out, sanded and restained the wood to a less oaky orange color, which still went well with the oak trim, and he refinished in a high traffic poly. The finish has held up well, but moving those chairs around did make a slight mark in the poly.

I was able to fine – steel wool and rub the mark almost entirely out, but I wanted a larger rug to place the chair completely on the carpet.

Finding a large carpet turned out to be more difficult than I thought. First, I worried about the quality. I looked at Wayfair, Joss & Mann, and Amazon websites amoung others. The reviews were never entirely positive, and I became a bit paranoid about buying such a large item sight unseen.
Secondly, rugs over 8 x 10 ft were few and far between.

My friend suggested I look at Home Goods as they had a large rug in blue and gray she saw while shopping for a smaller rug.

different weave

I have been to a few stores over the past year and never found one large enough and under $1,800 in my budget.
It was large enough 10 x 14 and within my budget. In fact, it was on sale and almost $700 under my budget. But I still need a carpet mat, so I only saved about $500. But I’ll gladly take that!

Club chairs fit!

This rug fiber is different from what I had before. It is a handmade Feizy rug imported from India. Handknotted and made with silk and wool fibers. These carpets are not cheap but they are thin, and you can see the weave. I am more used to wool or nylon carpets with thicker cut or loop piles. This is woven with lighter materials and no pile at all. It needs a dense mat. I am curious as to how this rug will lay on the mat. I hope I am happy in the long run. LOL

I am waiting for the mat, but the rug is down, and I am pleased with the look of it. I was pleasantly surprised to find the difference the carpet made in the living room. The larger size and lighter color, actually made the room look much larger. The furniture seems to fit the room better now too. What do you think?

I am delighted with the colors and muted patterns. I find it amazing what a difference a rug can make in a room. Have you seen this to be true in your home?

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